7th BIMP-EAGA Friendship Games

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Home Technical Guidelines





The event shall take place at Acharon Sports Complex, General Santos City on December 8-12, 2012




2.1.        The competition will be held in accordance with the IAAF rules. Unforeseen incidents not covered by the Rules shall be dealt with as follows:


1.1.1     Cases of general nature will be resolved by the General Manager of the Meet and will be final

1.1.2     Technical questions will be resolved in accordance with the 2010-2013 IAAF Competition Rules


2.2        Participants Eligibility


1.2.1     A team may enter a maximum of 10 male and 10 female athletes

1.2.2     An athlete is allowed to participate in three (3) individual events plus two (2) relays

1.2.3     Participants must not be more than 21 years old and less than 13 years old (born in 1991)

1.2.4     Each team may enter two (2) competitors for each individual event  and one (1) team for each relay event

1.2.5     An athlete must be bona fide citizen and resident of focus areas of the BIMP-EAGA member-countries

1.2.6     Athletes who already participated in SEAGAMES, Asian Games, World Championships, the Olympics and other events with the same levels are not eligible to participate in the Games 


2.3        Entries


1.3.1     Final entry forms including names of all competitors and officials of a team signed by the authorized team officials must be received by the organizers not later than 08 November 2012

1.3.2     Final declaration of competitors must be confirmed by the Team Manager or coach from the lists already entered and submitted to the Organizing Committee during the Team Manager’s Meeting on December 7, 2012 at the venue grandstand at 3:00pm


III.Competition Rules


3.1.1       Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association, Inc. (PATAFA) accredited officials shall officiate in the competition

3.1.2       Competitors must their official uniform and observe regulations contained in IAAF rule 143

3.1.3       All participants in running events from 100 meters to 400 meters, including relays and hurdling events shall be required to start from crouch start with starting blocks.

3.1.4       Starting height of the bar for high jump and pole vault shall be suggested at the Coaches/Team Managers Meeting

3.1.5       The Victory ceremony shall be held at an appropriate and pre-set moment after a competition or event. Athletes taking part in the Victory Ceremony must wear appropriate track suits of their team and training shoes. No slippers, clogs or sandals. Athletes in improper uniform shall not be allowed to take part in the Victory ceremony.

3.1.6       Protest shall be resolved according to IAAF Rules 146. Protest fee is USD100 (or its equivalent to Philippine peso).

3.1.7       Jury of Appeal shall be appointed before the competition. All decisions of the Jury of Appeal are Final.

3.1.8       Smoking is strictly prohibited in the playing field, especially officials who are at their post.

3.1.9       The Organizing Committee shall provide the equipment and implement for all events. The technical referee shall control the use of personal equipment/implement.

3.1.10    The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make amendments and changes in these rules that they deemed necessary.

3.1.11    Qualifying to next round will initially be by best time from heats. Subsequently IAAF Rule for qualifying for next round will be applied.


IV.Venue Requirements


4.1.1.   Technical Information Center (TIC) The Competition Secretary is incharge of this area which serves as the recorders room where all information regarding the meet, programs, protests, results and correction of results are being processed

4.1.2.   Coaches Designated Area in Field Events. This is a cordoned-area where the coaches can give instructions to their athletes during competition

4.1.3.   Warm Up Area. This is usually near the Call Room Area wherein the athletes can do their warming up before reporting to the Call Room Area for their event.

4.1.4.   Technical Officials Waiting Area. This is the designated area where the Technical Officials wait before reporting to their designated posts

4.1.5.   Medical and First Aid Area with First Aid medicine and equipment for treatment of emergency cases can be administered

4.1.6.   Mess Hall. Where the athletes and the coaches and other participants can take their meals.

4.1.7.   Dressing and Shower Rooms. Where the athletes can change into their uniforms and take shower after the games.

4.1.8.   Baggage and Holding Area. Where the athletes can leave their belongings prior to competition.

4.1.9.   Tents for Field Events. Protection for Technical Officials and Athletes from the heat of the sun or rain.



            5.1.1   Medals for top three (3) winners per event.




I.          General


1.1         The competition unless otherwise stated in these Rules and Regulations shall be held in accordance with the current Laws and Regulations of Badminton World Federation (BWF). However, in matters not provided for in the rules of the competition, decisions shall rest with the Technical/Organizing Committee.


1.2         The decision of the Referee on any disputes during the competition shall be final.


 II.         Competition Format


2.1       Mixed Team Tie Event comprising of the following :

Men’s Singles

Women’s Singles

Men’s Doubles

Women’s Doubles

Mixed Doubles


2.2       The team competition at the preliminary rounds shall be organized on a Group League System in one, two or four groups depending on the number of participating teams. Each group shall have a minimum of three (3) teams competing. (see illustration table)


Illustration Table : Group League System












4 to 5 teams


1 Group

The competition shall be played on a single round robin format. The

top 2 placed teams will play-off for 1st and 2nd position, while the 3rd and 4th placed teams will play-off for 3rd position.


6 to 11 teams


2 Groups

(A & B)

Groupings shall be done by drawing of lots. The top 2 teams from

each group will advance to the cross over semi-finals (#1 GA vs #2 GB)

(#2 GA vs #GB)


12 or more


4 Groups

(A, B. C, D}

Groupings shall be done by drawing of lots. Top teams from each

group will advance to the semi-finals. Pairings shall be as follows :

(#1 GA vs #1 GC) (#1 GB vs  #1 GD)



2.3       The winners of the two semi-finals shall then play for the finals to decide the champion and runner-up. The losers of the two semi-finals will also play to determine the 2nd runner-up.


III.        Team Composition and Fielding of Players


3.1       Each participating team (focus area) shall be permitted to enter as only one (1) team. A team must have a minimum of eight (8) players (4 men & 4 women).  Mandatory fielding of four (4) men and four (4) women players for every team tie.

3.2       The order of play shall be as follows:


  • Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles,


  • Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

3.3       Each tie shall be decided by the combined results of two (2) singles and three (3) doubles matches.

3.4   Thirty (30) minutes before the commencement of play of each tie, the Team Manager/Coach shall submit the composition of his/her team to the Referee and to the opposing Team Manager/Coach. No substitution shall be allowed under any circumstances after the tie has commenced.


IV.       Scoring and Schedule of Games


4.1       All events will be played using the 2007 rally point system (1-21 points best-of-three games)

4.2       Competition starts on 08 December 2012 until 11 December 2012 (every morning)

4.3       Draw lots and Team Managers’ Meeting is on 07 December 2012


V.        Shuttlecock


5.1       BWF approved competition shuttlecock (VICTOR)


VI.       Protest/Appeal


6.1       Protest /Appeal can be lodged only by the Team Manager to the Tournament Director not later than thirty (30) minutes after the conclusion of the match. An appeal must be submitted in writing.

6.2       The Jury of Appeal shall meet and give its decision as soon as possible. The decision of the Jury of Appeal shall be final and conclusive.

6.3       The Chairman of the Jury of Appeal shall be from the host country and each participating team shall nominate a representative to the jury panel.

6.4       The jury member of the team who has lodged the protest is not allowed to attend the appeal hearing.


VII.      Amendments


7.1       The 7th BIMP-EAGA Friendship Games Organizing Committee reserves the right to delete, add to or amend the rules and regulations stated herein.





I.Competition Format


a.Men’s Singles

b.Women’s Singles

c.Men’s Doubles

d.Women’s Doubles


II.Scoring Format


2.1 Best two (2) out of three (3) tie break set

2.2 If deciding set (3rd set), super tie-break will be used (10 pts. with diff. 2 pts.)

2.3 Players may play two (2) or more matches If necessary to finish games




3.1  Only two (2) male and two (2) female players per focus area, ages twenty-one (21) and below (those born on year 1991 and after are eligible to play)

3.2   All entries to play singles and doubles


IV.Schedule of Matches


4.1   Matches starts at 9:00am daily, except on first day (1:00pm) to allow practice time for players

4.2  Final matches shall be finish by December 11, 2012, 12:00pm (hopefully with no rain delay)

4.3  An ITTF rule of tennis applies/enforce for this competition


V.Other Details


5.1   Captains/coaches’ meeting is on December 07, 2012, 6:00pm, followed by drawing of pairing

5.2    Dunlop-official ball







The competitions will comprise of the following Seni (Artistic) categories.

                           Men                                                     Women         

                     01.Tunggal                                               01.Tunggal

                     02.Ganda                                                 02.Gana

                     03.Regu                                                   03.Regu




2.1  An amateur athlete under 21 year old (born 1991) is eligible or qualified to   participate/ compete in a three (3) individual events

2.2  Must be a bonafide citizen and resident of focus area of each BIMP-EAGA  member country justified with its passport of origin

2.3  Team Manager/Coach is allowed to change entry of a competitor during registration day only

2.4 Deadline of submission of Entry by Number is on 08 November 2012

2.4   Deadline of submission of Entry by Name is on 08 November 2012 




Tunggal, Ganda and Regu

3.1 Competing seni events that are less than seven (7) competitors  will   proceed directly for final rounds

 3.2  When a Tunggal, Ganda and Regu events are participated by more than seven (7) participants, a pool system will be arranged into two (2) pools  division for an elimination round

 3.3  The two (2) pools division of contestants will be determined at a Technical Meeting and Draw Lots of the Team Managers and Coaches

 3.4  Three (3) of the contestants with the highest scores from each pool division will proceed to the final rounds

 3.5  There shall be an inspection of weapons to be done at a designated place prior the competitions of Tunggal and Ganda categories

 3.6  A synopsis for Ganda event will be distributed during Technical meetings

 3.7  Strictly no claims and protest will be entertained, five (5) minutes after the winner is declared.

 3.8  Claims and protest can be made  only at the Jury of Appeal by a Team   Manager in writing along with USD 200.00  protest money

 3.9  The results of its protest filed by a Team Manager  that will be declared,  upon a thorough review by the Jury of Appeal, is absolutely final  


 IV.ACCOMMODATION (Meals and Hotel)


 4.1 Each participating country shall borne/shoulder the hotel and   meals of the athletes during the day of their arrival until departure time.

 4.2  Host nation will provide free inland transportation upon arrival until departure.




5.1 The competitions will be conducted by an accredited Referees & Jurors holding an International or National / Local Federation certificate

5.2  Participating nations may nominate and send two (2) Referee / Juror to   conduct the competitions fair and smooth upon confirmation by the PHILSILAT Technical Delegates of the host country

5.3  Refresher or workshop will be conducted by PHILSILAT Technical Delegates one day before competition proper

5.4 Referees/Jurors may arrive on the 6th December 2012 prior the competitions proper




There shall be a technical meeting and draw lots of Team Managers and Coaches on the 7th December 2012. Time and venue will be determined and announced later.




Participating delegation shall submit their accomplished accreditation forms together with required 2”X2” identification photos and a passport photocopy to the BIMPEAGA Secretariat for proper documentation, registration and issuance of identification cards.




 Any matters that will arise during the competition proper which is not stated with the 2004 edition of PERSILAT  rules and regulation herein is subject to the final decision of the International Delegate and the Jury of Appeal.


C O M P E T I T I O N       S C H E D U L E


   DATE              TIME                          EVENT

07 Dec. 12     08:00 – 10:30hr          Technical Meetings of Team Managers


                    08:30 – 11:30hr          Refresher Course


                    11:45 – 14:45hr           L U N C H    B R E A K


                     14:00 -17:00hr           Continuation of Refresher Course


08 Dec. 12                


                      09:45 – 11:45hr        Tunggal Men and Women Elimination Round


                      12:00  -13:45hr         L U N C H    B R E A K       


                      14:00 – 16:30hr        Ganda Men and Women Elimination Round



09 Dec. 12     08:30 – 11:30hr        Continuation of Elimination Rounds


                    11:45 – 13:45hr        L U N C H   B R E A K


                    14:00 – 16:30hr        Regu Men and Women Elimination Round




10 Dec. 12     08:30 – 11:30hr        Tunggal, Ganda and Regu Final Rounds


                        11:45 – 13:45hr        L U N C H   B R E A K


                        13:30 – 17:30hr        Continuations of  Final Rounds


                        18:00 – 19:00hr        Awarding Ceremony for Tunggal and Regu


 11 Dec. 12     08:30 – 11:15hr        Tanding/Match Finals


                        11:30 – 12:30hr        Awarding of Medals and Closing Ceremonies


T R A I N I N G     S C H E D U L E


06 December 2012


08:00 – 10:00hr        Philippines


10:00 – 12: 00hr       Brunei Darussalam


13:30 – 15:30hr        Indonesia


15:30 – 17:30hr        Malaysia


 07 December 2012


08:00 – 10:00hr        Indonesia


10:00 – 12:00hr        Malaysia


13:30 – 15:30hr        Brunei Darussalam


            15:30 – 17:30hr        Philippines




I.Competition Information


            The sepak takraw competition will be contested in the following event and category:

                     a.Regu( 3 players plus 1 reserve)


Competition schedules

          To be announced later


II.General Rules and Regulations


2.1       Rules

The sepaktakraw competition will be conducted in accordance with the rules of The International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF) and the Asian Sepaktakraw Federation (ASTAF). Technical questions shall be resolved in accordance with the existing ISTAF and ASTAF rules


2.2       Eligibility Rule

To be eligible for participation, a competitor must comply with the following:

             a.Must be a part of a BIMP–focus area

             b.Must comply with age requirement in the events to be contested. (21 years old and below for sepaktakraw)

             c.Must present proof of age category (15-21 years old)

             d.All players must be amateur’s players. Athletes who participated in SEAG, Asian Games, World championships and all events of the same level are not eligible to play

            e.The technical officials (referees, linesmen, etc) will be

appointed by the Sepaktakraw Referees Association of the Philippines (STRAP) thru the Philippine Amateur Sepak Takraw Association (PASTA) in conjunction with the Technical committee chairman of the BIMP–EAGA Friendship Games

            f.The jury of appeals shall be the Technical Director, court referee, and the tournament manager

            g.In the event of protest and disputes, A filing fee of Php10,000 for any team who files a protest. The filling fee (Php 10,000)will be returned if the protest is valid and will be kept by the technical committee if the protest is null and void

            h.All protests shall be filed 30 minutes after each game

            i.The juries’ decision is final and executory

            j.Drawing of lots will be done during the team managers meeting


2.3       Number of entries 

The maximum number of entries from each focus area is fixed  by  the BIMP– EAGA Friendship Games Organizing Committee



2.4       Technical meeting

                       a. The Technical Meeting of managers and coaches will be held on  December 7, 2012, at 4:00pm

                       b.Venue of the meeting will be announced later


III. Competition Rules


3.1         The Sepaktakraw Referees Association  of the Philippines (STRAP) and the Philippine Amateur Sepak Takraw Association(PASTA) is responsible and has full control of the technical organization of the competition with the consultation with the BIMP – EAGA Friendship Games Secretariat, if necessary


 IV.System of Competition


4.1       All events will be played in a single round robin with the team who garnered the most number of wins will be declared as champion.


4.2.        In case there are more than 6 teams they will be divided into groups and play the single round robin in each group with crossover


4.3.        The event shall be played in five sets. In the event that each regu  wins 2  sets, tie breaker set will be played


4.4.        Each team must be prepared to play more than once a day


4.5.        A team is required to report to the playing area 1 hour before their actual game. Failure to do so, the official referee at his discretion may disqualify or default the team


4.6.         It is required that a team should bring two sets of uniform during a game and an  ARMBAND as stipulated in the rules of the game for sepak takraw


4.7.        Competition uniform should be numbered in accordance with the rule of the game for sepaktakraw


V.Tie Breaker

              In case of tie the following options will be done:

                   a.double tie – win over the other

                   b.triple or more tie

             b.1 The set difference of the match played

             b.2 Point difference obtained by the point against and points for

             b.3 walk over sets or points won is not counted

  •      c. Toss of the coin if the three alternatives give the same result.



VI.Prizes and recommendations


6.1        Victory ceremonies shall normally be held right after the competition  participating team should wear their uniform


6.2        Prizes


1. 1st place - gold medal to the membersthe team

2. 2nd place - silver medals to the members of the team

3. 3rd place – bronze medals to the members of the team


There shall be no tie for gold and silver medals but may have a tie for bronze. Should there be a tie for gold and silver, sudden death play off shall be held to break the tie







  • a). Competition Date:          December 9-11: Marbel, South Cotabato Sports Complex, Barangay Zone 4, Koronadal City
  • The swimming competition shall be classified as a “Closed Open (21yrs and under) International Swim Meet” shall provide opportunities for swimmers in the different growth areas in Mindanao and Puerto Princesa to participate in   friendly competitions with its neighboring East ASEAN countries.  All PHILSWIM affiliated parties are approved to join this competition.
  • Age and representation:
  • a)Athletes must be bonafide citizens of the BIMP-EAGA focus areas of each member-country.
  • b)Participants must be amateur athletes only;
  • c)Athletes must not be over 21 years of age and able to meet the eligibility and Entry requirements.
  • a)All team managers must produce documents of athletes to certify the age eligibility of athletes at the team managers meeting. Acceptable documents are Passport / Birth Certificate / Identity Cards.
  • a)Participation expenses by participating country shall be on its own
  • b)Technical management of the swimming competition shall be handled by PHILSWIM.
  • c)Games administration and management shall be handled by PSC.
  • d)Playing venues and facilities shall be the responsibility of the host Locality in coordination with PSC and the concerned NSA’s.



  • There will be a team manager’s meeting on 8th December 2012 (venue TBA). Delegations must be able to produce documents of athletes to certify the age eligibility of their athletes. Acceptable documents are:
  • 1)Passports
  • 2)Birth Certificate
  • 3)Valid Identity
  • a)There will be no qualifying entry times (QET’s) but swimmers must meet all eligibility requirements regarding eligibility and representation.:


a)Completed entry forms and eligibility requirements must be submitted on or before Nov. 08, 2012

  •              b.Via courier or registered mail on or before Nov. 08, 2012 to
  • Philippine Swimming Inc.
  • 201-B Philsports Complex, Meralco Avenue,
  • Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

          c.The PHILSWIM  thru its representative shall supervise and monitor the conduct of the swimming competition. All submitted entry forms of participants will be processed and approved by host organizer based on eligibility requirements and policies on participation.

  • a)All participants need not be registered members of their national swimming federations.
  • b)Participants must not be over 21 years old on the date of competition.
  • c)For swimming, each focus area per country is allowed to enter a maximum of 7 men and 7 women athletes.
  • d)Official entry forms must be used in entering swimmers. All entry forms must be signed by the responsible coach and team leader.
  • e)A swimmer may only enter up to five (5) individual events, plus 3 relays.
  • f)To be eligible to participate, swimmers must meet the eligibility requirements for representation.
  • g)Entry times must have been achieved in a long course (50m) pool from December 8, 2011-December 8, 2012.
  • h)For Mindanao and Palawan area in the Philippines, the long course entry times of PHILSWIM Affiliated members achieved at PHILSWIM “SANCTIONED” or “APPROVED” meets from January 1, 2012 will be recognized.
  • i)Entries with no official times (NT)  will be seeded last.
  • j)All events will be pre-seeded.
  • k)Changes to entries on the day of competition will not be accepted.
  • l)Additional entries on the day of competition will not be accepted.
  • m)Email official entry forms at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and/or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or send their entries (hard copy) via courier or registered mail to the PHILSWIM office on or before November 08, 2012.
  •                              Philippine Swimming Inc.
  • 201-B Philsports Complex, Meralco Avenue,

                             Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

  • n)Only entries using the attached forms sent by email, courier or registered mail will be accepted. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.
  • a)There will be no entry fees for the swimming events.
  • After complying with all eligibility and entry requirements, BIMP-EAGA Organizing Secretariat shall issue ACCREDITATION ID’s to eligible swimmers for the swim meet. The Accreditation ID’s shall serve as official identification of the swimmer and used at the swimmer’s Ready Area during the swimming competition.
  • a)All participants must submit all eligibility requirements to Host Organizing Secretariat
  • b)All eligibility requirements and entry procedures must be complied with before being approved for clearance in order to take part in the BIMP-EAGA GAMES Swimming Competition 2012.
  • c)Accreditation cards contain personal information of the participant and are not transferable. The accreditation card must be shown by athletes at the ready area prior to swimming the event and shall be worn to gain access to, and at all times within, the swimming competition venue.
  • d)Coaches or team managers will collect all Accreditation ID’s on behalf of their team at the Secretariat prior to competition.
  • Current FINA Technical Rules will govern the swimming competition. Coaches are expected to know the swimming rules and educate their swimmers about them.
  • December 9-11 (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday)
  • DAY 1 - 3
  • Warm-up                   06:30-8:15hrs 
  • Morning Sessions:      08:30 hrs                           
  • Afternoon Sessions:    13:00 hrs
  • Must possess and visibly wear a current BIMP-EAGA GAMES Accreditation Card. Only coaches, officials and swimmers will be permitted on the pool deck in designated areas. By their submission of entries, all coaches verify and ensure that all their entries and certifications for eligibility or proof of time  in the meets are accurate. To respect the interest of the BIMP-EAGA FRIENDSHIP GAMES and the sport of Swimming:
  • a)Coaches shall conduct themselves in a manner that reinforces their place as leaders and role models, and encourage positive communication between themselves and the athletes, referees, administrators and general public.
  • b)Coaches should be role models and educators for the sport and community and they should take care of their status and reputation.
  • c)Coaches shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the spirit of fair play and sporting behavior.
  • d)They shall give due regard to authority of officials and the rights of opponents, spectators and others.
  • e)Coaches shall not give, make, issue, authorize or endorse any public statement which would damage best interest of the BIMP-EAGA FRIENDSHIP GAMES, its host organizers and the sport of swimming.
  • f)Coaches should respect the rights of others to hold values, attitudes and opinions that differ from their own.
  • Protest must be submitted:
  • a)In writing to the Referee by the Team Coach only.
  • b)Together with a deposit of P1,000.00 within 45 min. from the time a negative decision has been rendered. The Referee shall consider all protests. If he rejects the protest, he must state the reason for his decision. The Coach may then appeal the rejection to the Jury of Appeals whose decision shall be final.
  • c)If the protest is rejected, the deposit will be forfeited to PHILSWIM. If a protest is upheld, the deposit will be returned.
  • a)The members of the Jury of Appeals is composed of the Meet Director as Chairman and official representatives from teams not involved in the protested event.
  • b)Protest shall be filed to the referee within one (1) hour after the contested event. Except for technical decisions of fact, the Meet Director shall have the authority to review and resolve complaints, conflicts or disputes. Decision of the Meet Director shall be final and executory
  • c)Php. 1000.00 protest fee must accompany formal protest letters to be considered valid. Written protest must be  filed within one (1) hour from the time a negative decision has been rendered to the referee.
  • d) The committee will not act upon any technical swimming Judgement decisions, as these are under the jurisdiction of the RefereeThe Referee’s decision is final.
  • e)Protest on eligibility of an athlete shall be addressed to the Executive and Accreditation Committee for proper resolution. The eligibility protest shall in no way disrupt the event to be played but without prejudice for further investigation on the issue.

f)This Committee shall act as a review section in the need of an emergency meeting, and their report may be filed with BIMP-EAGA Organizing Committee for any administrative review, action or discipline if so called for.

  • a)Individual medals will be given to the top 3 winners of each event.
  • a)The management and conduct of the swimming competition shall be under the full control of PHILSWIM.
  • b)Events may be combined or re-seeded to facilitate better meet operation, with results separated afterwards.
  • a) Every team will receive their official summary entry lists via email prior to the event for review and corrections.
  • b)Coaches are responsible for checking all entry data, including accurate entry times and the spelling of athlete’s names prior to the coaches and team managers meeting.
  • c)Only corrections will be accepted from 1 hour prior to the start of the coaches meeting at 08:15 hrs.
  • d)After that time NO changes, corrections or withdrawals will be accepted.
  • Only scratches and/or corrections shall be made by the coach, on behalf of their swimmers and for any event at the Coaches and Team Manager’s meeting. Additional or changes in entries at the Coaches and Team Manager’s meeting will not be entertained.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the swimming competition venue
  • a) Competition Pool: Pool with 8 lanes x 50m
  • b) Training Sessions prior to start of the meet:
    • i.Training sessions will be provided 2 days before competition starts.
    • ii.Training will follow the “OPEN Training “ system – meaning that teams can train at any time within the specified training times for an unlimited duration while respecting the following schedules at all times:
  • Training Schedule:             2  days before competition (Dec. 7-8, 2012)
  •                                          Times                                          Duration

                                    08:00 – 11:00hrs                                3 hours

                                    14:00 – 19:00hrs                                5 hours

  • The Coaches and Team Manager’s meeting shall be held one day before the start of the swimming competition.
  • a)The Meeting will provide updated sport specific information for all coaches and team officials.
  • b)All Accredited teams must be represented at this meeting, as there will be a review of the competition procedures, athlete flows, warm up procedures, victory ceremonies, etc.


  • a)The pool will be open for swimmers’ warm-ups at least one and a half hour before each session of competition.
  • b)Use of swim paddles during warm-ups is prohibited.
  • c)Specific Lanes will be designated for General warm-ups and/or sprint and pace training.
  • d)Swimmers must clear the pool 10 minutes before the start of the meet.
  • e)Dive Sprint lanes are one-way only –swimmers should clear the lanes immediately and walk back. Swimmers are advised to exercise caution when doing diving and backstroke starts.
  • f)Lane assignments for warm-ups will be in accordance with FINA Swimming Rules.
  • g)Swimmers must at all times be supervised by their coach during warm-up and competition.




                    15m Dive Sprints                                   Turn Practice                                                



                    25m Dive Sprints                                   Turn Practice                                         



Circle Swim



Circle Swim



Circle Swim



Circle Swim



50m Pace Lane (one way)                           



                       25m Dive Sprints                                     Turn Practice                   

Start End                                                                                           Turning End


NOTE:   Coaches are expected to follow the warm up guidelines and supervise their swimmers during the warm up to ensure order and safety. Likewise, only authorized personnel are allowed on deck. Only the coach with relevant official business may approach the officials table in behalf of the swimmer.  Any coach or team that violates any of the rules, and allows an unauthorized individual or parent to be on deck or the official’s table will be faced with disciplinary action.


Order of Events 





400m Freestyle



200m Backstroke






100m Freestyle



50m Breaststroke



200m Butterfly



4 x 100m Medley Relay







200m Freestyle 11-12yrs



50m Butterfly



200m Breaststroke



4 X 10M Freestyle Relay






100m Backstroke



400m Ind. Medley



1500m Freestyle






100m Butterfly



200m Ind. Medley 



50m Backstroke



4 x 200m Freestyle Relay






50m Freestyle



100m Breaststroke



800m Freestyle


  • Players can participate in three (3) individual events plus two (2) relays with six (6) boys and six (6) girls participating per focus area or team.




I.          EVENTS


            1.1 MEN’S SINGLES

            1.2 WOMEN’S SINGLES

            1.3 MEN’S DOUBLES

            1.4 WOMEN’S DOUBLES

            1.5 MIXED DOUBLES




2.1 The tournament shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF Rules 2011-2012) as supplemented by these guidelines.





            3.1. All matches shall be played in the best of five format.

            3.2 MEN and WOMENS DOUBLES

3.2.1 Doubles pairs shall be apportioned by lot into four (4) groups (A-D), separating as far as possible players from the same association so that they cannot meet until the closing rounds of the tournament. In the first stage, pairs in each group shall compete in a single round-robin with the top two (2) pairs in each group advancing to the second stage. In the second stage, the eight (8) qualifiers shall be drawn by lot into eight (8) places drawing and separating the top seeds first. The remaining pairs will then be drawn to play with any of the former except the top seed from the same group. They shall then play in a progressive knock-out as far as necessary until their final rankings are determined.


3.3.1 Every focus area is entitled to enter two (2) players or pairs maximally to be apportioned by lot into eight (8) groups ,(A-H), separating as far as possible players from the same association so that they cannot meet until the closing rounds of the tournament. In the first stage, players or pairs in each group shall compete in a single round-robin with the top player or pair in each group advancing to the second stage. In the second stage, the eight (8) qualifiers shall be drawn by lot into eight (8) places again considering seeding by association nomination. They shall then play in a progressive knock-out as far as necessary until their final rankings are determined.  




4.1 The competition shall be conducted by NSA/IF accredited technical officials with the highest possible qualifications and competency level.

4.2 A review seminar or refresher course for all match officials shall be conducted before the start of the competition by the responsible technical official assigned by the NSA.



V.        CONDUCT of the DRAW


5.1 The draw shall be conducted during the TECHNICAL MEETING on December 7, 2012.




6.1 TABLES  -   ITTF APPROVED TBA and provided by the PSC

            6.2 BALLS   -   ITTF APPROVED TBA and provided by the PSC

            6.3 NETS    -   ITTF APPROVED TBA and provided by the PSC




7.1 Players or pairs shall be defaulted fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled time of their match. Participants are enjoined to stay at a clear audible distance from the referee’s committee and inquire from the same of any possible remaining matches before leaving the playing area.




            8.1 Schedule to be announced




07 December 2012                          Refresher Course for the Technical Officials Technical meeting



08 December 2012                                     

8:30am to 12:30pm                          Mixed Doubles                                 First Stage


09 December 2012                                     

8:30am to 12:30                                Mixed Doubles                                First Stage


1:30pm to 5:30pm                            Mixed Doubles                                 Second Stage

                                                       Men and Women’s Doubles               First Stage


10 December 2012

8:30am to 12:30pm                          Men and Women’s Doubles               First Stage


1:30pm to 5:30pm                            Men and Women’s Doubles              Second Stage

                                                       Men and Women’s Singles               Fist Stage

11 December 2012


8:30am-12:30pm                              Men and Women’s Singles                First Stage


1:30pm to 5:30pm                            Men and Women’s Singles                Second Stage



Technical Guidelines

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